Non-Fiction Coffee is committed to making a real impact both locally and globally through reliably sourced commerce and giving back to local causes. We believe each cup of coffee provides real people with both a delicious beverage and an opportunity.


Founded in Birmingham, Alabama in 2015, Non-Fiction Coffee Co. was formed on the premise of great coffee and serving others.

Non-Fiction Coffee is ethically sourced coffee that impacts more than just the individual drinking coffee. Proceeds go past the cup and are intentionally placed into communities who need it the most, both internationally and domestically. Non-Fiction Coffee was founded on the idea of serving great coffee with the passion of serving individuals in need

With every bag of Non-Fiction Coffee, we are dignifying the work of farmers and giving opportunities to villages through schools, medical clinics, and fresh water. Together, through the rich natural resource of coffee, we are playing a small role in eliminating the systemic poverty that has existed for generations in third world countries.